Nominee for two Emmys Sydney Sweeney Discusses Her "Empathy" For Her "Euphoria" Character & Her "Terrifying" 'White Lotus' Teen Role

Sydney Sweeney is drawn to characters who are diametrically opposed to her.

"That challenge appeals to me," she says. However, the 24-year-performance old's as Cassie Howard,

A LA teen who wears her emotions on her sleeve in Sam Levinson's Euphoria, was a welcome exception. 

 "Cassie is one of the most relatable characters to me because I, too, am looking for love and acceptance and am afraid of being alone.

Sweeney spoke with Deadline about embodying the intensity of her character, giving Cassie real depth, 

what makes her character Olivia on Mike White's black comedy The White Lotus so terrifying.