Serena Williams Disclosed How a Traumatic Battle With an ‘Unseen’ Disease Badly Affected Her Winning Chance

Like other athletes, Serena Williams, a legendary American tennis player, has endured several injuries during her career. 

She was unable to win several titles and Grand Slams due to a specific illness or ailment, to be more precise.

Serena Williams mentioned having migraines ever since she was 20 in an interview from 2020. 

She was unable to play to her best capacity in several tournaments as a result of this problem.

Furthermore, because it wasn't a physical ailment, she couldn't talk about it in public.

Serena Williams, a 23-time Grand Slam winner, stated in the interview that a migraine is not a medical damage to the knee.

 It is difficult to say, "Oh, Dad, I have a migraine.

" I'm going to end this game. I don't notice swelling, people say. 

I can't see any bruises. "Be strong." I became accustomed to playing despite discomfort.