Kylie Jenner Has Been Called A “Full Time Climate Criminal”

Kylie Jenner Has Been Called A “Full Time Climate Criminal” After Her Private Jet Was Exposed For Taking Three-Minute Flight

Back in May, Kylie Jenner and her mom, Kris Jenner, sparked fierce backlash when they were filmed going to a supermarket in their family reality show, The Kardashians.

The mother-daughter duo were practically giddy with excitement as they relished pushing the cart full of groceries, paying at a checkout counter, and loading their purchases into their car.

They later compared a drive-thru car wash to “Disneyland” and called it “such a tourist attraction.”

The scenes left some viewers feeling uncomfortable, with billionaire Kylie finding novelty in such everyday activities being used as an example of her extreme privilege

The storyline had followed an episode where Kylie’s sister, Kendall Jenner, famously struggled to slice her own cucumber, which had sparked another conversation about growing up in vast wealth

“I love that Kylie and Kendall are so out of touch with reality, to the point where they have to have a day to do ‘normal things’ like grocery store in person and cutting their own cucumbers,” one person tweeted at the time.

“Kylie and Kris calling going to the grocery store and checking out and filling their cart an experience is the most white rich privileged thing I’ve seen,” another added

She was accused of “bragging” about “her absolute disregard for the planet” as the damage that private jets do to the planet was highlighted online

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