Husband Alexis Ohanian Sends a Savage Wish to Renowned American Singer Over the Launch of Her New Album

Alexis Ohanian, the husband of Serena Williams, is perhaps one of the most significant social media figures in the US right now.

He frequently advertises his company and offers fresh concepts to other firms because he is a successful businessman.

In addition to those, he also shares amusing content on social media.

Leah Kate, an American singer who is due to release a new album, was recently mentioned in one of his posts

 She announced the date of the release of her new album on social media, and Ohanian thanked her in a hilarious and scathing way

Alexis Ohanian, a co-founder of Reddit, earlier tweeted, "So pleased for you, @LeahKateMusic – this is going to be the biggest one yet."

Then, in a funny post, he said, "Also please continue to swallow the tears of your haters!!

Notably, Kate published her debut album, "Impulse," in 2019, then "What Just Happened?" in 2021.

Her song this year, "10 Things I Hate About You," became quite famous among fans. Both of these albums were huge successes.