'America Has a Problem' Trends as Beyoncé Releases 'Renaissance' Track List

The trending topic "America Has a Problem" sounds like it could be about a political issue, but it's actually one of the songs from Beyoncé's long-awaited new album, Act 1, Renaissance.

The pop legend shared the tracklisting in an Instagram story, along with a countdown clock until the album is released on July 29

Based off the lead single from the album, "Break My Soul," it's expected Act 1, Renaissance will be a house-inspired dance album.

'I hope it inspires you to release the wiggle. Ha! And to feel as unique, strong, and sexy as you are," Beyoncé said about the album on Instagram, alongside the cover reveal

While politics is not a subject that Beyoncé has shied away from in the past, there is no information available yet about what "America Has a Problem" is specifically about.

Beyoncé's fans are, of course, very excited for the new record—and in particular this track 

"I simply cannot wait to hear a dance track called 'America Has a Problem' by Beyoncé," Jezebel editor Laura Bassett wrote 

"Beyoncé has a song on the album called America Has A Problem...oh Republicans about to be madddd," @heyjaeee wrote.

"The Grammys recently added a new category for 2023 "Best Song For Social Change"...America Has a Problem got it in the BAG! [hand-heart emoji]" @vibebey wrote.

Kim Kadarshian-  The Undercover Lover